To start Click on this Link:    PRACTICE PARTNER WEBVIEW

Practice Partner Webview is a secure portal through which you can interact with our medical records.                                                                                                                               

     * It  will allow you to view your: 

      • Lab Results
      • Medication List
      • Allergy List
      • Past Medical History
      • Social History 
      • Family History
      • Vital Signs

     *  It will allow you to request an appointment in the next 2-3 days. Today's appointments are only scheduled by calling our office at:                                                614-876-7330.

     *  It will allow you to send a brief non-urgent message to our physicians and receive a brief reply from our physicians.  Reply time is expected to be within 2 business days, although it could be sooner if circumstances in office permit it. 

                              Call 911 for Emergency !


*** Please note that access to webview is a courtesy we offer to our patients.  We reserve the right to unilaterally remove any individual's access to this service if we feel it is being misused or used inappropriately.