Physical Exams


     The physicians in our office perform many different forms of history and physical exam depending on your health circumstances and requirements. Some of the more common physical exams done in our office include:

Comprehensive History and Physical Exam, for evaluation and management of patients with medical problems and promotion of healthy lifestyle. For men, it may include prostate exam and PSA.  For women it may include a pap smear and pelvic exam.  Please note that a women's physical is more than just a pap and pelvic.  Other diagnostic or screening studies may also be done at this time too, including labwork, EKG, spirometry, immunizations. 

Well Baby and Well Child Physical Exam, including routine childhood immunizations.

Adolescent Wellness Physical Exam

Sports Pre-participation Physical Exam

School and Work Physical Exam

College Physical Exams, Including required immunizations and boosters

     Scouting Physical Exam

     Pre-Admission History and Physical for Surgery

     Pre-Adoption Physical Exam

     PADI Scuba Diving Physical Exam

     School Bus Driver Physical Exam ( esp. Hilliard City Schools)

      Department of Transportation (DOT) Physical Exam for  Commercial                       Drivers License, i.e. Truck Driving.











     Health insurance coverage for these physical examinations may vary depending on your insurance plan. Physical examinations required for participation in athletics, recreational activities, administrative exams, and work-related physicals may not be covered. Please check with your health insurance company.