Acute & Chronic Care


     Our office is available to you for most routine acute problems, ranging from pink eye to bladder infections, ankle sprains to headaches. Appointments are usually available in our office on a timely basis so that we can examine you properly and diagnose and treat your problem accurately. Your health is our primary concern.

     In really urgent cases such as cuts and wounds with extensive bleeding, we may bring you into the office immediately to be treated without an appointment.  We are sensitive for the need to handle these problems quickly.  Our other appointments may be delayed to accomodate you.

     Our physicians are skilled in the treatment of chronic medical problems, including diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, elevated cholesterol, asthma, COPD, allergies, depression/anxiety, thyroid disease, acne, migraine headaches and heart conditions. Our broad range of practice often serves us well when helping people deal with difficult and often complicated multisystem health problems. It is not uncommon for us to deal with three to four chronic problems for any one individual. We are not afraid to refer you to our network of consultants if the need arises. We will help coordinate your care with them.

     Our physicians and office has decided that we are most effective when doing the thing we love, outpatient medicine. We have dedicated our efforts and resources towards that end. If you will need to be hospitalized, we will refer you to our consultant hospitalists or hospital specialists who will care for you there. We are available to coordinate your care following the hospitalization.